De Anza’s annual spring carnival hosts games, prizes1 min read


Jordan Thomas

A woman walked on stilts at the De Anza College 17th annual Spring Carnival on May 23.

Jordan Thomas, Staff Reporter

After a week of rain, the sun arrived just in time for the 17th annual Spring Carnival on Thursday, May 23.

DASB and the Interclub Council hosted the event in the main quad and provided games, free food and various attractions.

“I was walking around and I saw very interesting games,” said Kaibaiji Guo, 18, psychology major.

The games circled around the main fountain, consisting of the high striker, down the clown, Coca-Cola ring toss and double shot.

“I think every game has its own charm,” said Nina Pak, 21 accounting and international studies major.

Pak, a member of the production club, was stationed at the “tasmanian devil bean bag toss,” but said she planned to try out other games as well.

Students were able to spin the DASB wheel of fortune after getting their game card punched. The wheel consisted of prizes like an In-N-Out gift card, a $5 Starbucks gift card and scantrons with a #2 pencil.

“I definitely came to win some prizes at the wheel of fortune,” said Hassina Adel, 19, nursing major. “The woman on stilts also caught my eye.”

A woman on stilts walked around the quad carrying a black lace parasol and dressed in red, white and black. Many students gathered around her to take photos.

“I just got out of class and have another right after this,” said Adel. “It’s a nice way to destress in-between classes.