De Anza track and field looks to place top in state once again


Trevis Dampier

Starting in the top left box and moving clockwise: Head coach Nick Mattis, Bri Nunn, 20, economics major, Jose Odulas, 19, kinesiology major and Sage Coyle, 19, communications major.

Trevis Dampier

De Anza College head coach Nick Mattis and the track team had a successful season last year with multiple athletes named top in the state for their events. They are looking to repeat this accomplishment again this season.

“My expectations for this year are for us to be in the running to win the conference,” Mattis said. “Every year the goal is to qualify top five in conference and top 10 in state.”

The De Anza track and field team practices five days a week to ensure they will be ready for the competition. 

“I’m really excited for our throwers this year,” Mattis said. “We have an All-American woman and a man that came number one in all-state.”

One of the returning throwers  is 19-year-old Sage Coyle, communications major, whose main event is hammer throw but participates in shot put as well.

“I have improved a lot technique-wise with work over the summer and I think I know how to practice without getting injured,” Coyle said. “I hope to rank higher in the state standings this year.”

Last year, Coyle ranked as the third best in hammer throws for the state.

De Anza’s other returning thrower is Jose Saludo, 19, kinesiology major. Saludo participated in shot put, discus and the hammer throw.

“This season I want to win state and be a leader for our team,” Saludo said. “I also have made it a goal of mine to become a lot stronger than I was before.”

Saludo has set new lifting records for himself this year by squatting nearly 700 pounds and deadlifting over 500 pounds.

An athlete to look out for this season is 20-year-old Bri Nunn, economics major, who participated in 11 events last season and pushed through a leg stress fracture injury. 

“My goal is to make it as a qualifier for state in hurdles, high jump, discus and pole vault,” Nunn said. “I think this season I can sprint through the hurdles a lot easier because I have more speed and power than I used to.”

Saludo, Coyle and Nunn all would like their team to be a support system for each member.

“A goal that I have for this team is to help everyone succeed and win of course,” Saludo said. “Most importantly, I want us all to be a big family.”

To check out these athletes and the program as a whole, the track and field team will be hosting a two-day event at De Anza on Feb. 10.