De Anza College football’s first loss of the season to Los Medanos

Michael Marowelli, Staff Reporter

After a strong winning streak this season, Los Medanos College’s Football team beat De Anza College, 35-20 on Oct. 1, leaving De Anza 4-1 overall. The game went back and forth, proving both teams’ players are strong, but ended in a win for Los Medanos. 

De Anza’s first drive resulted in a punt, followed by a Los Medanos touchdown to make the score 7-0 early in the game.

De Anza struggled to get something going in the first quarter and couldn’t find the end zone. Things only looked worse for De Anza when Los Medanos quarterback Jake Byrne passed to wide receiver Alex Bush for his second passing touchdown of the half. Los Medanos was up 21-0. 

It looked as if it was going to be a blowout, but then De Anza quarterback Antevious Jackson found wide receiver Jamir Shepard on a screen pass for an explosive 65-yard touchdown to make it 21-7. Just like that, De Anza was back in it. 

With roughly six minutes left in the first half, De Anza had plenty of time to take it down the field and score a touchdown. 11 plays and 73 yards later, Jackson was able to find De Anza wide receiver Jason Hawkins open in the end zone and deliver an amazing pass, cutting the lead to 28-14 going into halftime.

Returning from halftime, although Los Medanos had the ball first, De Anza’s defense was able to stop the powerful Los Medanos offense and was forced to punt; De Anza got the ball back. Unfortunately, the De Anza offensive line struggled to keep the Los Medanos defensive line in check, accumulating a total of five sacks against Jackson. 

De Anza had to punt from their side of the 50-yard line. The punt was blocked by Los Medanos and they returned it for a touchdown to make the score 25-14. After a couple of very smooth first-down passes by Jackson to wide receiver Steven Alaniz, who looked to be Jackson’s priority target, Alaniz finally made it to the end zone for a touchdown and Jackson’s third touchdown pass of the game.

Los Medanos stopped De Anza to force fourth down when Jackson managed to get the ball but got sacked by strong safety Tommy Turner to turnover on downs on Los Medanos’s side of the 50-yard line.

After some back and forth down the field and a minute left in the game, Los Medanos forces scored a fair 35-20.