De Anza men’s water polo crushed by Ohlone2 min read


Alex Woolner

De Anza College men’s water polo lost 23-7 to Ohlone College in a home game on Oct. 9. Their next game is on Oct. 16 against Las Positas College.

Alex Woolner, Staff Reporter

De Anza’s men’s water polo lost 23-7 to Ohlone College in a tough game on Oct. 9. The game had an exciting start with the first goal going to Ohlone.

De Anza’s defense was off to a bad start during the first period. While the team and goalie seemed very alert, Ohlone’s shots kept going straight through De Anza.

The first goal didn’t happen until the second period, 13 minutes into the game. De Anza’s offensive missed multiple shots.

There were a number of fouls called out by the referees throughout the first two periods.

During the second quarter, De Anza was able to make a decent steal and get the ball to Ohlone’s side, but unable to make the shot.

The team’s defense made a slight comeback with some saves at the end of the second quarter, which ended with a score of 11-4.

The third period started off well with a quick score by De Anza but Ohlone soon responded with their own. De Anza was again able to steal the ball but not able to score.

The team had some good defense towards the end of the third quarter. There was a lot of back and forth as the teams went from one end of the pool to the other. Ohlone was able to make another score in the last 30 seconds of the period, which ended 15-6.

There was a block by De Anza during the fourth quarter.

An Ohlone center player was able to score with a spin move. Another attempt was made but it was blocked by De Anza’s goalie.

The game ended with a final score of 23-7.

Danielle Altman, men and women’s water polo and swim team head coach said that “this was the worst game so far. Our previous games went a lot better than this.”

“We could have done a lot better. One of our teams strong points for this game was pretty good counter defense,” she said.

Elijah Breedlove, 20, film and TV production major, and the captain of the polo team said, “We are half-way through the season with 12 games left, and that this was the worst one so far.”

“The team had a low morale for this game, but had a good talk afterwards about how they could improve.”