Badminton scrimmages in advance of upcoming season2 min read


Ethan Maneja

Assistant coach and member of the 2016 and 2017 badminton roster, Yu Hsuan “Yuyu” Liu (left), advises Ming-Ming Tan (center) and Lianyan “Lydia” Wang (right) between games at the Coast Conference Doubles Scrimmage at De Anza on March 2.

De Anza College’s women’s badminton team participated in a scrimmage with their competition match-ups on Friday, March 4.

        Of the teams participating in the season, only three came to the scrimmage: Mission College, Skyline College, and City College of San Francisco.

        Head coach Mark Landefeld commented on the scrimmage between the teams.

        “Though we would’ve liked to fight Fresno, the Coast Conferences champions last season, the matchups today still look favorable,” Landefeld said.

        Landefeld stressed the importance of the scrimmage, noting several key factors to take note of and remember as the season begins.

        “We’re working on how to play in the moment, focusing on what’s important now. We’re also trying to recalibrate our thinking tactically and being more aware of our game, not making the same mistakes,” he said.

        Assistant coach Radu Milevschi said that the scrimmage matches were a good way to “get a lot of game experience.”

        “It’s good to play a bit because some are still nervous. Most of the team is new, most of them is their first time playing so they get more relaxed by playing. At the moment, they just need to play and be exposed to different styles from different schools,” Milevschi said.

        Milevschi expressed confidence in the team as they look to practice and improve every day.

        Assistant coach and former varsity member Yuyu Liu said based on the performances from the sets, the team looks very aggressive.

        “The team plays pretty well, but we still need to concentrate more and work on our doubles rotations,” she said.

        Liu recalled some important notes to keep in mind during her time playing on the court.

        “Don’t give up, try to win, and keep concentrating on your own game,” Liu said. “Also, try to win efficiently to save energy for the next games.”

        Liu’s last pointer for the players is to have a lot of fun in the matches, citing that stressed players don’t focus well.

        Player Srilaxmi Pappoppula, who played doubles alongside Jinny Chung, gave her thoughts on how best to play in each game.

        “We prepare for the worst and just play to our heart’s content. Also, listen to coach’s tips and pointers because they’re helpful in the game,” Pappoppula said.

        Team captain Negar Hosseini offered advice for her team as they approach the beginning of the season.

        “Make time for practice. I know that finals are approaching, but we’ve got to focus. We have priority enrollment, so we should schedule our classes for practice.”

        Hosseini also offered advice for newcomers to not feel nervous and to do their best in the upcoming season.

        The women’s badminton team’s first match will be on March 16 against Pasadena City College.