McPhearson leads Dons to victory


Jeff Facun, Staff Writer

How does Shayla McPhearson top a performance where she scored 26 points in a 63-56 victory against Gavilan?

By getting a quadruple-double in her last game at De Anza College as an encore.

The sophomore guard had 23 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists and 10 steals to lead the Dons past the Cabrillo College Seahawks 93-35 in the last home game of the regular season on Wednesday Feb. 19.

Before the start of the game, the De Anza women’s basketball team honored their sophomores – guard Jordan Gipson, guard Chyna Cole, forward/center Sarah Shear, guard Ashley Fadrilan, forward/guard Susan Aguirre and McPhearson. The sophomores made sure Cabrillo wouldn’t spoil their night.

Cabrillo won the opening tip, but lost an opportunity to grab the lead early after missing the first shot. The following possession, the Dons’ Cole knocked down a 3-pointer that hit nothing but net and the team had the lead to start.

The Seahawks didn’t score until Jaimie Barrea made a two-point shot with 14:27 left in the first half. Over the next couple of possessions, Cabrillo closed the gap to 8-7 after baskets by Barrera and Mia Williams.

The score remained close until the Dons’ McPhearson, Cole and freshman forward/center Madison Michelis took matters into their own hands. With 6:02 left in the first half and the score at 18-14, the three players led a 24-3 run to close the half.

McPhearson scored seven points in that span, Cole had five and Michelis scored four.

At halftime, the Dons led 42-17 after holding Cabrillo to 10 points in the final 10 minutes.

“Playing with heart,” said McPhearson of the Dons’ tenacious defense played against Cabrillo. “That is how we managed to keep them (from scoring).”

The Dons began the second half by forcing turnovers, creating easy shots and scoring in bunches. Before the Seahawks scored with 17:26 left in the game, the Dons’ lead was 54-20.

In the next five minutes, the Dons made another run that put the game out of reach the rest of the way. Led by Michelis and McPhearson, the Dons extended their lead to 69-22.

When the final horn sounded to signal the end of the game, the Dons had scored a season-high 93 points and marked a successful two years for the sophomores.

De Anza head coach Arden Kragalott said this group of sophomores has put a stamp on the program.

“The last two years, (the sophomores) have won so far 39 games,” Kragalott said. “We got a (conference) championship now and they worked hard for it.”

The Dons finished with an undefeated home record for the season at 11-0 and an overall record of 19-8.