Tips for staying fit during winter break

Carla Arango, Staff Writer

The average person gains about one pound between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, but people who are already overweight tend to gain a lot more.

According to a study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, overweight people gained five pounds or more during the holidays.

There are a variety of quick and simple, yet effective ways to stay active during the upcoming holidays so that even the busiest person can’t complain that there is not enough time to exercise.

With winter break around the corner, students might not be eager to leave their warm homes, but this cold weather offers many unique ways to exercise and have fun at the same time.

Ice skating is a perfect way of staying active during the break.

Downtown Ice in San Jose and Shark’s Ice offer very affordable prices for skating sessions.

De Anza students can get $2 off admission at Downtown Ice if they show their valid VTA Eco Pass and can avoid paying for parking if they choose public transit or walk to their destination (another way of staying fit).

But, many students may be busy with jobs and may not have as much time to exercise during the holidays.

A quick 10-minute jump rope workout session at moderate intensity burns about 100 calories on average, depending on your weight.

This is an effective way of burning off all the excess calories you consume this time of the year.

Jumping rope not only burns calories, it also works many upper and lower body muscles like hamstrings, abs, and arms.

Aside from all the exercise, it is important to remember to maintain healthy eating habits this holiday season.

Avoid overeating and choose moderate portions of foods; you should also eat slowly so your body can digest properly..

Sweet foods and alcoholic beverages may be abundant at family gatherings, but limit yourself to one alcoholic or seasonal beverage a day and a small portion of dessert.