De Anza college’s Baseball Brothers: Chris Gallegos


Patricia Nguyen

Chris Gallegos

Sport: Baseball

Position: First Base

Age: 21

Height: 6’2

Weight: 200


(I like players, not teams.)

– Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants)


– Baseball. It all revolves around baseball.

Favorite Movies:

– Avengers

– Iron Man

– All Marvel

Greatest Accomplishments:

– Made the college all-star team my first year.

Patricia Nguyen, Staff Writer

How does it feel playing on a team with your brother?

Actually, this would be the first time we played on the same team together. It’s been really great. There’s literally no competition at all between us. If anything it’s more about us cheering and rooting each other on.

Would you say that you look up to your older brother?

Most definitely, he really tries to encourage and help me improve myself.

How long have you been playing baseball?

We’ve both been playing baseball since the age of four.

What’s your favorite memory of Rey or your family growing up?

My parents supporting me no matter what I did. It was just great growing up and knowing that no matter what I went through, they were always there for me. My favorite memory of Rey would have to be when he introduced me to my first year of high school. He didn’t mind me hanging out with him the first couple weeks. So that was a cool big brother thing of him to do.

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to transfer to a university and finish my education. My goal would be to play in the Majors though.

How would you describe chris and rey gallegos?

“They are my brothers for life,” said sophomore Joey Austin. “My first opinion of them though was that Rey was really loud and outgoing whereas Chris was a little quiet and shy. They’re great players though and even greater people.”