De Anza’s campus is not open enough for winter quarter


Source: Pixabay

Kaylee Flores, Reporter

With the classes for winter schedule available and registration beginning on Nov. 15, it’s disappointing that De Anza College’s campus isn’t as open as other colleges. The second year of online classes makes it harder for students to stay determined in school and is ruining students’ work ethic.

As the pandemic continues, there is a rise of students who have stopped attending their classes. California has seen a decline in enrollment with a decrease of 160,000 students this school year.

Online learning has also impacted the mental health of students of all ages as there has been an overall increase in student depression. The Bay Area continues to discuss whether or not to reopen schools to in-person learning as local health officials recommend schools can safely reopen in order to better the mental health of students.

Black and Latino students have also been disproportionately affected by the pandemic since they are more likely to have experienced the death of a family member than other students.

Online learning makes it harder for low income students to continue their education as many as a quarter of households in California do not have access to reliable internet. 

While many are concerned about COVID-19 when returning to on-campus classes, De Anza requires students to submit their vaccination records before returning to campus unless they get an exemption. De Anza also has been taking precautions by having students wear masks at all times while indoors, socially distance and maintain hygiene. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom has also mandated for all California students to be required to have their vaccine in order to return to campus after they become fully FDA approved for children under 16, however the mandate won’t take place until July. Requiring vaccines for all students on campus will help ensure the safety of students and lower the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak occurring.

With De Anza’s vaccination requirement, they should consider the possibility of being able to safely reopen campus for more in-person classes in the future.