Nothing will ever beat a night out at the movies


Source: Pixabay

Cameron Oleary, Reporter

Movies, just like music and paintings, are works of art and deserve to be viewed in the best way possible, in a theater, on the big screen, with a bucket of popcorn and others excited to watch the same movie.

Movies are something everyone can enjoy and should have the opportunity to watch safely, but they also deserve time to be exclusively in theatres over going straight to streaming services.

Theatres have the ability to enhance both the sound and visuals of a film that your 40 inch flat screen and Bose surround sound system could not come close to replicating.

According to The Verge, there are many distractions at home, such as “your roommates or family members who talk to you out loud” or your “phones, computers, pets and the temptation to get up and recheck the fridge every 20 minutes,” subtracting from the movie watching experience.

Being in a theatre gives a different atmosphere because it is an event you are attending with a big tub of popcorn, the lights off and other people just as excited to see the new movie as you are, allowing you to focus solely on the movie in front of you.

Streaming services however, are a fine way to view a movie because now with the current pandemic, you can watch it from the safety of your house with family and friends.

With Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros. already agreeing to have exclusive theatre time for their releases, movie theatres may be on the verge of winning this battle now that COVID-19 is settling down.

Movies typically become immortalized as the greatest when you can own and rewatch them over and over again, becoming “ingrained in movie culture,” according to Screen Rant. But it’s better to be able to say you saw a movie in theatres, much like it is nice to be able to say you got to see your favorite band play live, and not just stream the movie or music from home.

The cost of movie theatres tickets continue to grow exponentially along with the concessions, making streaming more and more popular due to its less expensive asking price, but movies are meant to be an experience and not just something you put on to do your laundry.