Billionaires are not needed

Bella Chiu, Staff Reporter

Wealth and poverty are not the inevitable balance of the world. Instead, the existence of billionaires is the main cause of this consistent inequality.

Ultimately, billionaires should not exist.

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren unveiled their wealth tax proposals dedicated to taxing the billionaires and returning their money to society.

It is obvious that those billionaires are defending their properties for their own self interest.

According to the 2017 Oxfam Report, the eight richest billionaires in the world own as much combined wealth as half the human race. This is an excessive amount that they could not spend in a lifetime.

Billionaires are not the harmless rich guys with great achievements only. They are empowered by their wealth influencing politics.

Political parties are supported by billionaire donors. These donors pour tons of money to sponsor political candidates that can benefit them the most, rather than everyday people.

The huge wealth gap grants them the ability to construct a framework for society that they want, and to continually increase the gap between everyday people.

This is why billionaires still strongly disagree with the proposals although the two senators clarified that the levied taxes will make benefits to the underprivileged.

They dominate in this wealth inequality and get addicted to being superior.

Plenty of billionaires are talented and charming. They give out inspiring speeches which could convince people to believe that they can reach their position one day if they work hard and are determined.

The world does not need billionaires to lead and construct. People do not need their words for inspiration and success. All people need is the resources released from their tight fists.