“Cancel Culture” holds people accountable for their actions1 min read

Alaiza Guerrero, Staff Reporter

Cancel culture is a great way for communities to take a stance on those who go against their value system.

“Cancelling” to me means you’re simply done supporting the individual or organization. The reason someone gets cancelled usually is because they say or do something homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic or racist.

Seeing a celebrity saying something to belittle a community would enrage and disgust me. Hearing statements like that would make me want to stop supporting them entirely.

It’s a good thing that individuals possess the power to express themselves. If anyone still has the mentality to attack minority groups publicly in 2019, they’re opening themselves up to being boycotted.

Despite it being a good thing that we are able to hold people accountable for actions that are harmful to others, many people are still trying to combat against cancel culture. People often claim that cancel culture causes people to be accused with no actual evidence leading to defamation of character.

The core of cancel culture is good at heart. This form of public shaming is meant to be aimed at those expressing any form of bigotry.

Years ago, people would have gotten away with unacceptable behavior, but because of technology and social media, we can now hold people accountable, especially those in higher power. With how quick information can spread, along with the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movements, movements shed light on the victims of those in power.

There needs to be a set standard on how to treat everyone and if you decide to publicly attack someone else, you should be cancelled. In this day and age, we should be done bullying groups that differ from our own and instead focus on ourselves. Let’s open up our minds, become more accepting and change our actions.

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