Donald Trump joining Twitch leaves many puzzled

Daniel Arriaga, Staff Reporter

President Donald Trump is trying to appease to a younger audience by joining Twitch.

Twitch is a popular video game streaming platform where the majority of the audience is a young crowd. It is very puzzling that the president would have an account.

It’s even quite comical, actually.

The only logical reason I could see behind Donald Trump making a Twitch account would be to try to get more votes from the younger audience for the next election. Bernie Sanders also has a verified Twitch account with 88,000 followers.

According to Business Insider, “In January, 962,000 people was the average viewership on Twitch. Sometimes there was more, sometimes there was less — but in general, nearly a million people were watching Twitch at any given point.”

I feel on his part, it is a smart move no matter how funny I think it is that politicians are making video game streaming accounts. It is a great way to reach a large audience outside of Twitter.

To me, it will benefit Twitch also because it can open doors for people to be able to use Twitch for more than just video game streaming. People may be able to promote themselves and their businesses.

I do, however, think it is interesting that Donald Trump, the same person who, according to CNN, blames mass shootings on video games, has made an account on a video game streaming platform.

According to a CNN article , Donald Trump’s Twitch page has links to his campaign and online store. This just proves that Donald Trump is trying to get more people involved in his campaign.

Twitch also non-gaming content known as IRL streaming, where you can stream yourself and talk to viewers while going on about your day. Streamers such as Ninja, Pokimane and others are expanding their audience, streaming things outside of gaming. This would be a great way for Trump to show his live speeches and debates with other politicians for the next election.

I do not support Trump as a politician, but it is a smart move on his behalf to get more people involved in his campaign.