DA Voices: What do you think of the De Anza experience?

Susan Garcia, Staff Reporter

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  • Alyssa Yi, 23, Graphic Design "My De Anza experience has been good so far, this is also my first quarter coming to a community college. It works perfectly for me since I work as well, anybody who’s starting school again for the first time after being absent a while I would recommend this college because the quarter system would help out reach those goals faster."

  • San Juanita Garza, 25, Business Administration "Getting away from the Eastside is my De Anza experience because it’s my escape from all my craziness, I can focus more and the environment is just right for students to excel. There’s diversity, the only downside is the commute but it’s worth it because instructors quality of teaching is great. There’s great resources to help students and I have mostly recommended this school to friends and family."

  • Hermita Lazo, 26, Sociology “I mainly think that the De Anza experience was about helping students reach their educational goals but for myself that wasn’t my experience yet. It’s hard to communicate with certain professors, attend to their office hours when you have to work, for myself it’s been hard to have a great De Anza experience.”

  • Omar Beltran, 27, Psychology "I think it’s a great experience because you get to be around people with same goals, go to school get educated, learn cultures see their ideas. Students who want to better themselves, I think De Anza is positive vibes, I am inspired by this experience."

  • Sofia Solorio, 40, Early Childhood Education "Quarter system goes fast, and for me its helpful because I’m older...I’ve had great experiences with most of my teachers, all of my childhood education instructors were super engaging."

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