Is satire appropriate in the current political atmosphere of the United States?

Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter

Satire is OK when it comes to the definite sharing of frustrating ideas of controversial topics, such as politics or social difficulties.

Satire creates an equal balance of controversy and comedy, supporting the idealistic views of people across the world in order to lift the spirits of many and degrade the few.

In a world so politically different, especially in certain parts of the United States, people often want to bash the voice of political power in order to gain a chuckle out of it. This isn’t necessarily wrong as people will always have different views upon the topic and will gain pleasure or peace from further degrading political standpoints.

Cartoons and videos are the most commonly used forms of satire in order to convey over-dramatized versions of political figures. However, many people will be offended by the crudeness of these dramatic cartoons and videos.

Satire can twist a viewpoint of another in half, but resilience is necessary to keep the country together.

With new generations relying heavily on mobile technology, mobile satire is a great way to persuade and push a message that targets a certain aspect of a severely disjointed United States.

The world is infinitely changing, and as soon as new controversy exists in the United States that impacts the world negatively, satire is a great way for individual citizens and communities to be well informed about the problems of their country.

Knowing a certain viewpoint is static and standing your firm guard towards that topic will ensure no violence will be enacted, and being aware that not everyone must agree on the same topic is the key to equalizing power through communities, and through the country.