Public transportation: An inconvenient necessity

Lorie Anne Reyes, Staff Reporter

Many are looking to public transportation to reduce traffic and commute times, but all public transportation does is waste time and cause stress.

Nuisances such as delays, overcrowding, restricted hours, nauseating odors, no personal space, and fare increases are just a few of the downfalls of public transportation.

Crime is also a risk when taking public transit. Theft, violence, and exposure to drug use are all unpleasant and alarming possibilities.

And let’s not forget that on top of all that, you could still encounter traffic and be late!

Public transportation is far from being a go-to option.

— Lorie Anne Reyes

More trains and buses would increase efficiency and eliminate overcrowding to ensure little-to-no delays along routes, especially during rush hours. Early morning and late afternoons on weekdays are absolute nightmares.

Overcrowding on trains and buses makes the commute extremely taxing. You’re tired on both ends of the commute and all you want to do is get to your destination in one piece.

To make matters worse, you have zero control over your commute – no switching lanes, passing slow drivers or risk speeding through yellow lights before they turn red.

Having to go through all this can cause more stress, and that’s the last thing a college student needs.

Even though De Anza does offer a VTA SmartPass that covers bus fares, remember that free rarely equates to efficient functionality.

No one can deny that public transportation has its pitfalls and is in need of a major makeover. And until it is improved, public transportation is far from being a go-to option.

Save yourself the trouble and maintain your sanity by choosing a less-stressful commute. But if you have no choice other than using public transportation, remember to plan your commute strategically, gear up, and caffeinate.