Letter to the Editor2 min read

Apple Even Article Leaves Questions Unanswered

Brandon P. Hansen, De Anza student

I grabbed a copy of your paper as I headed home from my first day of class. Scanning the front page, I was intrigued by the “By the Numbers” box at the bottom. I was looking forward to reading your “ANALYSIS: APPLE EVENT AT FLINT CENTER” once I got home. Imagine my disappointment upon finishing the opinionated article, which lacked any actual analysis, and being unable to find any additional coverage of the event in the paper. I am amazed that Sam Tovmasian guessed spaceship before watch, when Tim Cook said “one more thing”; every article I read online prior to the event reported that they would announce a watch.

I find it interesting that you had Mr. Tovmasian, as a freelancer, write an opinion piece – the article is clearly marked as opinion on the website, if not in print – and didn’t have anyone on staff write a more well researched news piece. Your front page “by the numbers” left me with questions. Why is apple storing 55,000 of De Anza library books and art? Where did they take them? What does the school do with the money made from Apple’s $500,000 disruption payment and $157,000 rental? What type of trees where the 24 removed? What are they being replaced with? How was campus life and college business affected by Apple’s presence. I was expecting to find the answers in the pages of La Voz. Again, I was disappointed.

I like to think that someone at La Voz thought to cover the event from an angle uniquely relevant to student’s at De Anza. Why didn’t you listen to that person? I find your coverage of the event at odds with the paper’s revised mission statement as published in the same issue, printed on the same page. Where is the thorough reporting you have promised us?