Facebook out, Tumblr and Twitter new go to

Hina Ahmed

Several weeks ago, Facebook turned 10 and, like MySpace, it is growing too old for the Internet. Facebook has been forced out of the spotlight by the new popular go-tos, Twitter and Tumblr.

Facebook doesn’t draw me in the way it used to.

Facebook appealed to younger generations because it served as a sanctuary. It was the one place the older generation could not go.

Now my mother is an addict. Once your mom starts friend requesting you, it’s over. The magic is gone.

Keeping up with friends and sharing status updates was fun, and then people started abusing the privilege. I never enjoyed reading novel like status updates or seeing albums of repetitive pictures.

Thankfully Twitter and Tumblr gave us alternatives. Twitter limited posts to 140 characters and Tumblr gave people a way to share exciting, new photos.

Facebook isn’t the best way to share information either. On Facebook, you can only get or share information with people you already know.

Twitter and Tumblr users can follow people who share interesting updates regardless of whether they know them or not.

Another advantage of Twitter and Tumblr is they have a messaging system instead of a live chat system.

Facebook tells the sender when you saw their message so there is pressure to respond. Tumblr and Twitter do not include this feature, so the pressure is absent.

All three sites can be accessed from tablets and smartphones, but Twitter and Tumblr are far easier to access from a system other than a computer.

Facebook may still have a few uses, but Twitter and Tumblr are far more engaging than Facebook. Another bonus: these new sites may be too complicated for your parents.