ISP informs international students about maintaining status

Kathleen Quinn, Campus Beat Editor

International Student Programs has updated information for F-1 students regarding recent changes to the campus which include guidance for leaving the U.S. and requirements for maintaining F-1 status.

To maintain active F-1 status:

Minimum requirements for enrollment remain 12 units for the spring quarter are unchanged and students must remain in the United States to maintain F-1 student status.

Students can only register for one course that ends in Z also known as an online-only course for their first 12 units.

Courses for the spring semester will be held using virtual methods in the future but the modified format will still meet federal requirements.

Students cannot maintain F-1 status and take courses while outside of the U.S. 

When necessary, students will be expected to be physically present on campus.

Individual instructors will send information regarding course requirements and how courses will be provided given new formats.

Students planning to travel out of the United States:

With or without a valid F-1 visa, travel out of the United States may be restricted without notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Visit the CDC website for more information on specific countries.

Students who leave the United States and do not return until the fall quarter will have their status terminated and will need to reapply to De Anza College, obtain a new I-21, repay the SEVIS fee, and obtain a new F-1 visa.

For students who will not return until the spring quarter, the next quarter available to apply is Fall 2020.

The De Anza website will be updated regularly with new information and Immigration Advising will continue to provide services. 

Email [email protected] for more information.