Presidential search committee includes part-time representative

Bhuvaneshwari Natarajan, Staff Reporter

The De Anza College Academic Senate voted in members for the college president search at the Oct. 21 meeting.

Ishmael Tarikh was voted as the part-time representative, Tim Shively as the faculty association representative and Cynthia Kaufman, director of VIDA, Karen Chow of language arts division and Maristela Tapia of social sciences and humanities were voted to serve on the search committee.

Dean of Equity Alicia Cortez accepted a position offered by Chancellor Judy Miner to serve as an additional administrator member.

On Oct. 14, the Academic Senate meeting discussed the importance of part time faculty and deans on the search committee to choose De Anza’s next president.

“The search committee is only making a recommendation and not doing the final selection for the new president,” said Miner, who was present at the meeting. “It is a very heavy decision.”

Tarikh, political science professor, said, “There are many constituencies on this campus like other campuses. A dedicated part-time faculty should serve on the presidential selection committee.”

Tarikh said that it is a powerful approach having a part-time faculty representative helping in the search committee.

“I do think we should have appointed part-time faculty,” said Kaufman. “We need to have one position dedicated to part time.”

DASB Senate President Shelly Michael said part-time faculty are ignored.

“They are the heart and soul of this school and should be included in the search process,” said Michael.

Academic Senate members also said that deans should be considered in the committee as they could get great information regarding student services.

The final selection will be made by Chancellor Judy Miner.