Scabies outbreak puts select VTA buses out of service


Melisa Lopez, Staff Reporter

An outbreak of the parasitic skin infection scabies among drivers in the Valley Transportation Authority put several buses out of service.

After many VTA bus drivers refused to respond to questions from La Voz, one VTA driver, who remains anonymous, said that the buses contaminated with scabies were not safe for drivers or passengers.

The driver said many operators were surprised a scandal like the scabies outbreak did not happen sooner because of the VTA maintenance team’s poor work.

“I just think that we need to be more sanitized, more sanitary,” the driver said.

The driver said contaminated buses were moved to select yards for extermination.

Bus rider Alan Ngai, 19, global studies major, said scabies is scary and contagious but not dangerous.

Ngai said that he could protect himself by staying informed and wearing long sleeves.

Guadalupe Arellano, 18, criminal justice major, said she was not aware of the scabies scandal on VTA busses. She said she will be more cautious about where she sits now that she is aware.

Mary Sullivan, De Anza health education and wellness director, said accurate information should be available on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.