DASB senate makes announcement reinforcing flexible parking

Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter

The DASB senate made a public announcement reinforcing the policy of carpool spaces for De Anza College, assuring that more compact parking spaces would be removed to substitute for more carpool spaces on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

The addition of carpool spaces have already been in set in stone, but the senate claims that De Anza students will have more free access to parking as time passes.

The endorsement of public speaker Meena Juttukonda-Gajula was approved 14-0 by the senate. Juttukonda-Gajula is a candidate for the Fremont Union High School District Board, advocating new programs for high school students to engage both the student and the parent with a multitude of easily accessible resources.

“Stress is the defining issue in high school, so I plan to create wellness programs to provide comfortability to these students,” Juttukonda-Gajula said.

Senator Devansh Patel announced that the senate bylaws, legislative affairs and the code of conduct were scheduled to change, but only intricate details were made to change the DASB senate office food policy, according to the senate agenda.

He was unable to speak for Lawrence Su’s position due to him being excused during the meeting, Devansh said.

A new November A-Frame was approved to take place on November with a vote of 13-0.