Former DASB President leaves office, details unknown

Christian Trujano and Mayer Adelberg

Former DASB senate President Khaled Haq was removed from his position three weeks before the start of the quarter according to an interview with former vice president, and now acting president, Carolyn Nguyen with La Voz after the first senate meeting on Oct. 3.

The details as to why he was removed are still not clear as several members from the senate did not want to comment on the topic.

Haq has also reached out to La Voz with a contradictory email giving his official statement for his departure: “On Sept. 10 (09/10/18) I stepped down from my position as DASB Senate President in order to allocate more time towards my personal life. I am currently dedicated towards improving my academic performance and bolstering my college applications. For the time being, Vice President, Carolyn Nguyen is now acting President. I am fully confident in her ability to lead the body and represent the students of De Anza College. Although largely undecided, I hope to one day rejoin the senate and continue to make a difference for students on campus.”

During the spring quarter, Haq faced allegations near the end which La Voz reported on, where senator Brandi Madison, 47, environmental science, accused Haq and other senators for misuse of the senate Facebook chat, sharing inappropriate comments.