Clickers for DASB Senate

Alena Naiden, Staff Writer

The DASB Senate approved a funding request of $1,975 for My Voting Clicker System on May 20, which will be used to aid senate members during DASB meetings.

Senators Thao Le and Hirochika Ishikawa presented the advantages of the My Vote Clicker System, such as real time voting and an option for voters to change their mind.

Thus far, the senate has not had access to any type of voting aid.

Senator Matthew Travers questioned whether Le and Ishikawa considered possible alternatives for spending $1,975, such as downloadable apps or cheaper clickers.

Le said that Ishikawa researched competitors of the My Vote Clicker System, but they did not look up app options.

In a matter of minutes, Travers found a free app for voting every senator would have access to, but Le said they did not know if the app was as functional as My Vote Clicker System.

John Cognetta, DASB adviser, stepped in and said, “We need more than an app.”

Senate members did not consider the functionality of the app any further.

To persuade the senate on the My Vote Clicker System, Le and Ishikawa referred to positive reviews of the clickers on the official website of the seller.

After Rhea Goveas, senate chair of finance, reminded the senate that the spending was one of their last items of business for the quarter, members unanimously agreed to buy the clickers.