De Anza graduation moved indoors to downtown San Jose2 min read

Ryan Vermont, Staff Writer

De Anza College’s graduation ceremony is moving indoors. The City National Civic in downtown San Jose will host the college’s graduation ceremony on June 27.

The Civic is a sport arena and events venue operated by San Jose Theaters. It is recognized as a city landmark and historic venue.

Because of heat and other factors experienced in outdoor ceremonies over the years, De Anza senior staff decided to relocate the ceremony this year.

“Research of area venues showed that City National Civic would work well in terms of capacity and location,” said Marisa Spatafore, De Anza director of marketing/communications and development.

In past ceremonies held at De Anza’s football stadium, guests were seated on aluminum bleachers and exposed to long hours in the hot sun. The Civic, with a 3,036 maximum capacity, a 112 feet by 35 feet stage and a state of the art sound and video system, will make this year’s graduation ceremony an experience to remember.

For Jessica Castro, class of 2000, heat was not the only issue. The other concern was walking in the grass in high-heeled shoes.

“They didn’t have any mats set up for girls with high heels, and so it was difficult to get around,” said Castro.

When asked if she thought the City National Civic would be a better place to host the graduation, Castro said she had no doubts it would be.

“It will be better for everyone because parents and other guests will be more comfortable than sitting in the dirty football bleachers, and the students won’t be getting burnt up in the sun,” she said.

Debbie Lee, graduate of 2002, said she had no concerns, and liked her outdoor graduation ceremony. She said the new venue might raise different concerns.

“Inside a room with all those people would get to stuffy,” Lee said.

Spatafore said the graduation ceremony at the City National Civic is an experiment. She said long-term contracts have not been signed with anyone and if the venue does not hold student expectations a different venue will be looked at for the following year.