DASB Senate allocates money to baseball, badminton

Jay Serrano, Editor-in-Chief

The DASB senate allocated a total of $8,500 to De Anza College sports teams during its meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

$6,100 was given to the baseball team for travel expenses and a new pitching machine.

The travel expenses, totaling $2,000, were unanimously approved without debate.

The pitching machine, $4,100, was debated before the funds were finally approved.

“$4,100 is a lot seeing as how we have $17,000 for this quarter,” said senate member Pedro Alberto Enriquez.

Senate member Rhea Goveas defended the purchase.

“It is a one-time thing that will last a long time,” she said.

The women’s badminton team requested, and was granted, $2,400 to cover travel expenses.

The senate approved member Hakwoo Kim as the legislative affairs officer. The legislative affairs officer serves as the DASB Senate’s liaison to several state level groups.

Kim said his goal is to help make higher education more accessible and affordable for students.

“It’s hard for students to get into higher education due to financial issues,” Kim said.

The meeting ended with a lecture by Director of College Life and DASB Senate Adviser John Cognetta on California’s Brown Act.

The Brown Act is a set of laws that require elected public groups, such as the DASB senate, to hold their meetings in a public and open manner.