New spring quarter Body Language class combines both writing and human biology

Carla Arango, Staff Writer

Students looking for a way to complete science and English general education requirements should take the new class Body Language.

Body Language will combine EWRT 1A and Biology 11.

Students register for both classes to be a part of the learning community.

The class will provide an opportunity to learn science in a unique way, then apply that material to their English class.

English instructor Jackson Yan and Biology instructor Jeff Schinske, are offering students the “body language” class to complete two general education course requirements.

“You want to take this class,” said Jackson Yan, English instructor at De Anza College. “Students will explore different learning styles.”

The instructors focused on the way students can incorporate  material from both classes.

This class is about “telling the story of your body and how it works,” Schinske said.

He explained that students will explore the “biology behind what we do and what we think about those in society.”

One advantage of taking the course is students will use the same set of books for both classes.

Scineske said the instructors are trying to reduce the costs of books so that students can learn from both classes without having to buy twice the amount of materials.

Students will work with the same group of people in each class, so the learning environment will feel more like a community.

The class is tailored for students who had bad experiences with writing or biology.

Both instructors said they want to change the way students feel about these subjects.

“Those who have been left behind are the ones I want in my class … everyone can be an excellent reader or writer,” Schinske said.

Many students avoid completing required science courses until right before transfer.

“Let’s have a good experience. Let’s just take it now and get that G.E. out of the way,” Schinske said.

Yan said two instructors working together will make class experience richer.

“This is a place where we can learn together,” he said.

“Body Language” is sponsored by IMPACT AAPI and LinC Programs.

The class will promote STEM subjects at De Anza by giving students an opportunity to take G.E. science and English courses in a unique environment that helps them succeed.

It is also a way to encourage female students to pursue an education in sciences, and males to pursue an education in English.

“Science and writing are amazing,” Yan said. “Don’t be afraid of them.”