Photo Essay: Silicon Valley Open Studios brings community art engagement


Leila Salam

Playful murals decorate the walls of the studio complex on The Alameda in San Jose on May 20.

Leila Salam

Artists across Silicon Valley shared their craft with the public as the third and final weekend of Silicon Valley Open Studios kicked off on May 20.

“I like to show people not only what I’m working on, but I like the idea of letting normal human beings know that there are people that make things,” said artist Stephanie Metz, who specializes in sculpting with felt. “A lot of things you see around you are made by humans and this is how it comes about. It’s really fun to spread that.”

Artist Gloria Huet participates in open studios because, in addition to showing her work, she gets to talk to people, especially kids. She said she likes interacting with kids because they are curious and the abstract art she makes allows them to be imaginative.

“It’s so worth it to show (kids) art,” Huet said. “They pick up so much. They learn art appreciation, which they can apply for the rest of their lives.”

Artist Suzy Radonsky said she came back to San Jose from Santa Cruz, where she now works, to partake in open studios. Coming back allowed her to catch up with some of her old friends who still work at The Alameda Artworks studio complex.

“(The art complex) is like a family,” Radonsky said.




Studios will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 20 and May 21 and can be found in various locations using the map at