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Letter to the editor: Thanks for the Black Mirror review

Boya Liu

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Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank you for the recommendation of the recent TV series Black Mirror.

It has become one of my favorite series. Black Mirror is just like a series of satirical yet alarming modern parables. I simply couldn’t get enough of its pungent sarcasm.

Black Mirror is not about any mass-scale disaster caused by technology development. Its themes rather focus on how the new methods of interaction influence society as a whole.

The Internet, social network, games, etc — these are continuously becoming more and more incorporated into our lives.

Admittedly, these new inventions and the accessibility of them increase the capability of everyone in society to affect the real world. But there are people like kids wielding these powerful tools in a cavalier manner without regards to their magnified influence to other individuals and the world they lived in.

Moreover, crimes like cyberbullying, cyberstalking, breach of privacy are all either created or made easier. So as long as this kind of power is bestowed upon us, it is necessary for us to be able to draw the line of morality.

Black Mirror strived to show its audience many of the worst possible results of the laissez-faire attitude toward our creation.

The process of watching it is not only a way to recognize the similar moral dilemma we will encounter in our lives, but also to reflect on them.

Due to the disputable nature of the issues it presented and the closeness of the setting it created to reality, I would definitely say Black Mirror is highly entertaining and educational. And that’s why I sincerely hope Black Mirror could gain more attention from students of De Anza College.

I am looking forward to seeing further and more detailed reviews about Black Mirror.

Sincerely, Boya Liu

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