‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Review: a conclusion of amusement2 min read

Tyson Tsoi, Staff Reporter

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is a beautiful crafted visual addition to the next generation of Japanese role-playing-games, but ultimately suffers from a lack of content that feels awkwardly rushed through its development.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” follows the conclusion to the story of Sora, a young boy who wields a mysterious weapon known as the keyblade. His world crosses over with several other worlds from the Disney and Pixar movies, and along with his friends Donald Duck and Goofy, Sora must defeat the darkness in order to save his friends once and for all.

With over ten poorly written games the “Kingdom Hearts” series has been famously known to be extremely convoluted and downright confusing towards each additional entry to the timeline. So it was fortunate that the game gives a summary from the previous games before playing, welcoming new players to the third installment of the game.

However, I would recommend watching a video regarding the series timeline where someone knowledgeable explains it rather than actually playing the previous games, because these numerous titles will no doubt confuse you.

The combat system in the game has been somewhat overhauled and improved from its previous titles. It is real time, flashy, smooth and refreshing to switch between different keyblades with different magical properties and abilities.

During combat, there will be instances where you’d be able to utilize visually amazing abilities, such as summoning numerous Disney characters or riding Disney amusement park rides.

Although the game is visually appealing, the graphics seem to be as if I were playing on a weaker generation console. It feels as if it could have been better, which shows signs of the game feeling rushed when even the Disney worlds are short and lacking in content.

What boost this dreadful rushed feeling is how the series originally is a crossover between Disney and “Final Fantasy” characters, but unfortunately “Final Fantasy” characters were completely scrapped and forgotten in this installment.

The thirteen years it took to release this game ultimately was not on par to my high expectations. The game seems unfinished and it could have been a lot better with a little more time.

Nonetheless, “Kingdom Hearts 3” is still a worthy buy for its flashy combat and beautiful soundtrack.