DA Voices: What are your plans for Winter break?

Abby Hou, Staff Reporter

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  • Klyde Aliga, 23, engineering and physics major "Go snowboarding. Looking forward to the first day of Winter quarter so that I can meet new people,"

  • Shi-qi Liang, 19, finance major "I’m going home to play with friends and have a break. Maybe my friends and I are going to have a trip. Play games with my friends,"

  • Violet Moreno, 18, music major "My family does not really make friends. Recently, we are thinking about possibly going to Disneyland, Universal Studios. In general, I like to write music. So I would usually sit down and write music,"

  • Quang-Tuy Trang, 19, computer science "Hang out with my cousins and friends. Cause my cousins are coming back home. Play video games with my cousins cause that’s what they do,"

  • Anna Pham, 18, nursing major "It’s Christmas so I have family party stuff, and probably gonna go to Idaho. Sleeping. Take some rest,"

  • Alex Wang, 19, undeclared major "I have no plans yet. Probably study for English. Swimming and sleeping,"

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