ISP’s first in-person year-end celebration after pandemic


Yumeno Matsuo

Jarrell Taslim, 18, business administration major, and Margaret Ruslie, 18, business administration major, worked as volunteers to support the ISP year end celebration on June 13.

Yumeno Matsuo

The International Student Program organized its first in-person end-of-year celebration after the pandemic to praise international students at the Hinson Campus Center conference room A on June 13.

The end-of-year celebration is an annual event hosted by ISP. During the pandemic, the event was held in a virtual format.

Joseph Ng, ISP supervisor, was delighted that the event was finally brought back in person. 

“No matter if a student is graduating from us with a degree, transferring out to another university after this quarter or simply finishing this quarter, we want to celebrate and have an academic year celebration,” Ng said.

In addition, Ng believes the event showcases students’ hidden talents. 

“Every student’s showcase is on a volunteer basis,” he said. “We want students to know they are living people with talent, and we want to honor and celebrate them at the same time.” 

Rosa Jahankhah, 21, computer science major, performed a Persian dance that she has practiced for 15 years and taught for five years. 

“I liked to perform because I wanted to introduce Persian dance to other students,” Jahankhah said. “I wanted them to participate and have fun.” 

Some international students supported the event as a volunteer staff. 

Jarrell Taslim, 18, business administration major, helped prepare for the celebration by decorating the room. 

“It was a beautiful show,” Taslim said. “I really enjoyed it.”

This is the second time Taslim has volunteered at an ISP event. He says volunteering gives him the opportunity to be a part of theDe Anza community.

“ISP is like my second family here, and I’m really grateful for them,” Taslim said. “ISP is the one who always helped me with my immigration status and adjust to a new environment for me here. When I have questions about school or how to register for classes, they always help me with everything.”

Ng says the ISP staff are passionate about serving international students.

“I remember the difficulties I went through and I want to pass on what I know to everyone,” Ng said. “We’re all in existence because of students.” 

Lynn Ling, ISP program coordinator, said that most of De Anza’s international students are still overseas. However, the number of international students is expected to increase. 

“We always want to see our students on campus face to face,” Ling said. “Starting in the fall quarter, we definitely will have more in-person social events.”