Monthly flea market brings diverse vendors and products


Leila Salam

Ashley Djunaedi and Stella Kang, both 18-year-old communication studies majors, organize and set up the Archived Source stall.

Leila Salam

De Anza College’s most recent flea market was held on Saturday, March 4 and hosted vendors that sold a variety of goods, giving customers a chance to spot unique finds at low prices. 

Vendor Hung Vinh likes gardening and decided to grow and sell flowers as a hobby.

“Every day, I spend time in the garden and just enjoy my hobby,” Vinh said. “I have a job and then (I do) this as a hobby.”

Amy Diaz and her family used to sell food at the De Anza flea market, but now sell clothing and shoes from their store, All Hearts. This was Diaz’s second time selling at this location and said she is determined to come back to this market because of the warm and friendly customers. 

“They were like ‘Come back, it’s going to get better in the summer, and everybody’s friendly,’” Diaz said. “That makes my day because I enjoy what I do, but having customers like that makes my day even better.”

Margie Wong is a musician and has been making guitar pick jewelry for 12 years after her daughter taught her how, and now sells these earrings and necklaces at her store, Going Vertical Music. She said she is excited to see more people showing up to the market since the pandemic.

“I came back this last November and it’s been awesome,” Wong said. “You get such a nice crowd and so many people come out.”

Ashley Djunaedi, 18, communications major, Nicholas Chairnando, 18, computer science major and Stella Kang, 18, communications major, are three friends who started a thrift brand called Archived Source as a way to sell some of their used clothing and promote sustainable fashion. 

“We all collectively really love thrifting and we thought it (would be) a good idea to start something of our own,” Djunaedi said. “We have a lot of clothes that we don’t particularly wear anymore or that are out of season, but we still think they have a lot of good value to them.”

In addition to their own clothes, they also curate items from vintage stores and have other friends design clothes. Chairnando said another goal they have is to earn enough money to build a brand of their own. 

Because of the wide selection vendors had to offer, students and community members were able to browse all kinds of goods and will get another chance to do so at the next flea market on Saturday, April 1.