Faculty balance teaching online while raising children during pandemic


Source: Freepiks

De Anza faculty find balance between online teaching and raising their children.

Athyna Palafox, Reporter

Since the start of quarantine, some De Anza College faculty have taught from home while raising young children, adding another challenge to their new environment.

“I am very fortunate that I am able to work from home,” said Maristella Tapia, sociology professor and mother of two. “Being a working mother is hard and having to divide myself is a challenge, but now I get to see my kids grow.”

Her routine follows her children’s school schedule, as Tapia said that they take first priority for her time and energy. 

“Each day I have to put out a new fire,” Tapia said. “And by the time I know it, the day is over and I have to do it all again.”

Erik Woodbury, chemistry instructor and father of one, said that the confusing fusion of work and home has presented struggles and benefits.

“The lines between home and work have become a blur,” Woodbury said. “There are times when efficiency is hurt because I have to go into dad mode, but it’s nice being able to hang around home all day.”

This new environment has allowed Jill Quigley, English professor and mother of two, to bond more with her children.

“I love online teaching now,” Quigley said “It’s a new richness I get to enjoy that allows me to stay home and raise my boys into men.”

Quigley is now able to lunch with her sons everyday, play video games with them before homework and walk on the beach with them before breakfast. These new possibilities spill into her teaching experience.

“I see myself as a teacher in new ways,” she said. “Translating my curriculum and teacher-tricks into an online space has been a surprise full of challenges and delights.”