‘Origins’ album fails to solidify Imagine Dragons’ rock image


Nick Bauersfeld, Staff Reporter

Imagine Dragons’, newest album “Origins,” released on Nov. 9, is an alternative rock album with a electro-pop sound that fails to deliver anything new from the band.

Their fourth studio album in just six years, “Origins” further proved what was already known of the band. Imagine Dragons will give you one or two really great songs every now and then, but for the most part you can just hit the skip button on the rest of the record.

One of the two tracks from “Origins” really stood out was ‘Natural,’ the album’s opening track. The song compacted a certain energy kick that most can enjoy as a workout song. The music is upbeat and tells a clear cut story.

This promised high expectations on how the rest of the album would go. However, the album seems to peak on the very first track, and it pretty much only goes downhill from there.

The second standout track was ‘Cool Out,’ which was the fourth song on the playlist, but the song pretty much defies the message the lyrics are sending.

It’s hard to see why Imagine Dragons are categorized as a rock band, rather than a pop band.

They might be a bit louder than today’s popular artists, but compared to bands of today, such as Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch, this “rock band,” is way too soft and unenthusiastic.

They are far and away from being anything close to a rock band, as far as their overall body of work.

Overall, the album feels very unoriginal, as if these songs have been heard before. The album has nothing new to bring and gets pretty stale throughout the listen of all the tracks.