Out of state schools offer community college students a different college experience


Jen Boucher, representative for The American University of Paris stands by the university’s booth during Transfer Day. “You can see the Eiffel Tower from our school!” Boucher said to passing students.

Miguel Cerda, Staff Reporter

De Anza College experienced an influx of out-of-state schools who made an appearance during Transfer day to promote their curriculum and campus culture.​

Representatives from universities all over the world, coming as far as The American University of Rome, congregated to hand out pamphlets and speak to De Anza College, in main quad on Thursday Oct. 25. Students gathered amidst the line of booths to gain insight on where they might want to transfer in the coming years.

“You can see the Eiffel tower from our school!” said Jen Boucher, representative for The American University of Paris.

The American University of Paris and The American University of Rome both promised a unique college experience as well as more a more personalized curriculum due to their small student bodies, as explained by Boucher.

Some colleges such as Nevada State University, University of Illinois and Portland University even offered monetary incentives for those who perform well academically before transferring.

Natalie Espinoza, 27, says she’s considering the transfer to Drexel University in Pennsylvania because of their no-cap policy in the nursing program.