Free and Cool Stuff at De Anza

Alena Naiden, Web Editor

So you are a De Anza student now.
Congratulations! You’ll spend the lion’s share of the next two years or so on campus running from class to class, fighting for a parking spot and killing time in breaks.

But wait. Do you know how much more De Anza campus has to offer you? In fact, even students not new to De Anza might be surprised by all the cool and free things they can find in the college.

Kirsch Center

First of all, let’s talk about free food.
If you are not an environmental studies student, you might never go to  a remote yellow building behind the baseball field called Kirsch Center. Too bad, because, besides spacious hallways to study in and a garden with native Californian plants and a pond, this place offers free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and tea.


Need something more than a sandwich? De Anza got you covered! For students in need, our college provides the Food Pantry program offering free snacks, canned food, fruits and much more. Starting Sept. 28, students can get the free food at the Office of Outreach in Seminar 3 Building. And please, eat when you need it. Being hungry doesn’t make college success easier to achieve.

The place will be open Monday through Thursday  9 a.m. to noon and  2-4 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to noon.

Free drugs is another kind of freebies you are entitled to as a De Anza student, and you can get them in Health Service Center on the lower level of Hinson Center. Free medications varying from painkillers to allergy relief pills, as well as free condoms and feminine hygiene products are awaiting those who need them. Doctor appointments and birth control pills are offered at a discount. If you just don’t feel well, you can go to the center and lie down. Supporting your well-being is what that place is for.
The center is open Monday and Wednesday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

College life can be overwhelming, and sometimes you may need some quite space. De Anza’s Meditation Room is located in Meeting Room One on the upper level of Hinson Center. The room is designated for praying, meditating and just being with yourself.

A favorite study place for many De Anza students is the second floor of the MLC building, with its spacious halls, plenty of оutlets and great air conditioning. You can also enjoy the balcony area when it’s open. The view is gorgeous!

California history
California History center

Close by Media and Learning Center, there is California History Center in the historical landmark Le Petit Trianon building. Classes and exhibits about state and local history take place there. Classes this fall cover the New Almaden Quicksilver Mine, John Steinbeck’s California, Inclusivity in Califorina and Water: California’s New Gold.

Another gem of De Anza is Euphrat Museum where you can see — or participate in —art. The Art Faculty/Staff Show will open Oct. 20. First Thursday Open Mic sessions take place at the Euphrat, although the Oct. 1 event will take place at Sunken Garden, another great place to hang out on campus.

When you’re sick of hanging out on campus, go to the movies with an $8 movie theater discount you get at the College Life Center on the Lower Level of Hinson Center.

While you’re there, consider getting a free clipper card to get around Santa Clara County using VTA buses and light rail.

Bikes provided to students by De Anza college

Or you can pedal around on free bike. The De Anza bike program allows you to rent a bike with a locker, lock and helmet. You can even take the bike home for weekends. To join the program, fill out one form at the Office of College Life. Easy, right? You can also access bike-fixing tools and a tire pump at the new community bike repair station at the bike cage facing Parking Lot A.

This list is far from being complete, but its main purpose to set your mind for looking for those small (or big) surprises De Anza college has for you. Whatever you choose to try and explore, remember that your college can be so much more than a place where you go to classes.