Trails to check out around De Anza: Alum Rock Park

Ryan Vermont

In the eastern San Jose foothills lies a municipal park spread across 720 acres that is open almost every day for the public’s pleasure.

Alum Rock Park provides the people in the area with environmentally sustained land that they can appreciate and explore themselves.

The park hosts families and friends with over 13 miles of trails, a youth science institute, abundant mineral springs, picnic areas and more.

13 miles of hiking trails might sound intimidating to the casual hiker, but the trails vary in difficulty so there’s no need to worry. Alum Rock is a place for people of all ages, athletic or not.

The trails tend to have a lot of uphill areas, and shade is scarce so dress accordingly and bring a lot to drink.

Along the trail, you might stumble upon some cattle on the hill side, or a variety of different birds that consider the park their home. Just keep an eye out for mountain bikers barreling down the mountain trail.

A hike isn’t complete without an amazing view, and Alum Rock Park’s trails don’t fail to deliver. Amazing views of the Santa Clara Valley can be seen and captured without much difficulty.

A downside of the park is that dogs aren’t allowed within the premises.
Besides Mondays and holidays, the park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.