Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day2 min read


Geena Gonzales, Staff Writer

In case you have forgotten, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you have not made any plans for Saturday, Feb. 14 and are looking for activities to do with your significant other, here are some last minute activities for you and your date.
The Tech Museum of Innovation, 201 South Market St. in San Jose, is a fun and creative museum with multiple exhibits ranging from hands-on exhibits like “Body Metrics,” where you have the chance to experience wearable technology, to Imax dome screenings of films.
If your interests include technology, innovation, and creative activities, this is the place for you.
If you are over 18 and are looking for a laid-back, chill night out, then
The Swinging Hookah might be a good choice for you.
Located at 386 S. First St. in San Jose, The Swinging Hookah is a hookah lounge that has various flavors to choose from along with a concession area where you are able to purchase candy and beverages. It’s open until 3 a.m. on Saturdays, and it’s relaxing and spacious. If you want to be able to go and still be able to hear and converse with your date without the hassle of large and loud crowds of people.
If you and/or your partner are into doing more adventurous activities, then The Studio is a must. Located right next to the Swinging Hookah, The Studio is an indoor rock-climbing facility, with weightlifting and exercise machines, lobby and lounge areas, and multiple rock climbing walls, giving you options.
In case you are having trouble climbing, or have never done it at all, there are employees walking around on the floor that are able to assist you if ever needed.
If you show your student ID card, the cost is $15 for students on Fridays, or $20 for a one-time climbing experience.
If you want to have dinner and drinks, there is Café Stritch, 374 S. First St. in San Jose, the modern jazz café is perfect for a casual yet reasonably-priced dinner with your date, with an open bar.
Bijan Bakery & Café, is perfect for a quick pastry in the morning, or a sweet late night dessert. Bijan’s at 441 Saratoga Ave in San Jose, is a romantic European café that has mainly pastries. This mom-and-pop shop is a great place to go to with a loved one.

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