LEAD global initiative preview

Elizabeth Cardenas, Freelancer

 De Anza College will host the annual LEAD Global Issues Conference on March 11. Panelists will discuss the topic “Life on the Edge of the Dream.”

LEAD is a De Anza’ student leadership development program.

The conference will provide an opportunity for students to share their research and ideas, and help students recognize their individual roles as local, national and global citizens.

Keynote speaker David Bacon presents contents from his book “The Right to Stay Home” in Conference Room B.

The keynote speaker this year is David Bacon, an award-winning photojournalist, who wrote “The Right to Stay Home.”

Another featured speaker is Ann Lopez, who wrote “The Farm Worker’s Journey.”

The panel will address the many people who dream of a better life, but are not always able reach their goals.

Stories are of farm workers who want to be treated with respect, and Filipino migrant laborers who seek temporary protected status to work in the U.S.

The event will also feature interactive workshops.

De Anza students and faculty members will conduct the workshops, which are on a variety of topics such as migrant workers and free trade.

The workshops will present an opportunity for individuals to participate in the democratic process and practice respect for cultural diversity,

The Fair Trade Marketplace will showcase goods made by workers who dream of fair treatment, fair pay and safe working conditions.

The conference will create a community where the fair treatment of all workers is valued.

LEAD conferences are free and don’t require sign-ups.

LEAD, Latina/o Heritage, and Women’s History Events funded this event dedicated to inspire, motivate and empower.