Fashion trends for spring quarter

Leticia Castro, Staff Writer

With spring break and the warm weather near, it’s time to update your wardrobe.

Time to bring out the bright colors and bold prints.

Here are a few tips on what’s hot for your spring wardrobe.

Crop tops: 

Crop tops are everywhere. You cannot go wrong with wearing one.

Baring your midriff is sexy, and showing skin in an appropriate way is a must.

Crop tops can be paired with many bottoms, from skinny jeans to long skirts.

Pastel colors: 

It’s springtime, so bring out all the pastel colors you want.

Popular colors are lavender, blush pink, baby blue, mint green and yellow.

One example of a pastel themed outfit is a lavender crop top with white jeans.


Sheer clothes are perfect for the warm weather. They show skin without baring it.

Sheer clothing is great for a beach day or a night out.

A white sheer skirt would look great with a mint green top. Let your sheer clothing stand out this spring.


Floral is the print of the season, and a must for spring.

Flower patterns come in many colors and can suit any style.

Floral prints can be worn at any time of the day, at the beach, at a party or even at night.

Whether you buy pink floral or dark floral, they will provide a lady-like feel.


Get graphic this spring. Popular prints include polka dots, stripes, chevron and tribal.

Make a statement with black and white or show personality with a pop of color.

Buy a black and white graphic bomber jacket and it will be your best your friend all spring.

A pair of graphic leggings would look amazing for a day in the city.

Staying on top of the fashion trends is not always easy.

But with these tips you can get through spring as a true fashion expert