De Anza College students sport many unique hairstyles


“The Natural Look”: Natalie Morton

Leticia Castro, Staff Writer

De Anza College is known for diversity. With diversity comes different hair types and styles.

Many students use their hair to show off their personality, or how they are feeling on a particular day.

Some students like to get ready for school and have their hair done. Others couldn’t care less about their appearance.

Pony tails and buns are the easiest hairstyles for girls in a rush. During winter, pony tails are especially understandable.

Who wants to take their time getting ready when there is a chance for rain?

But even during the gloomy months, a little can go a long way. Instead of a pony tail, try a side braid or a French braid.

Let your natural hair shine. A new trend is letting your natural hair loose. Whether it’s curly, straight or wavy, show it off.

After you wash your hair, let it air dry (blow dry if in a rush) and add in some product. Try moose, or leave-in conditioner. Scrunch it up or comb it straight. Enjoy the results.

Guys around De Anza have many hair options too.

Some have an average fade, some have a taper and some have a full head of hair. Though it may not seem feasible, guys can style their hair in as many ways as girls can.

Try a comb over, the style most popular with celebrities right now. This style works with straight or curly hair.

Here are some hairstyles from that stand out.

The Undercut:

This 1940s haircut is faded on the sides and with more hair on top. Girls would love this sophisticated yet fun look.

“It’s called the Undercut. [It] takes me about ten minutes to style it.” Khua Pham, 21, law enforcement major.

The Wolverine:

With his own style, Jet Amarasimghe, 19, computer engineering major, decided he would try out the look of the well known X-Man Wolverine.

With the help of Gatsby hairstyling gel, Amarasimghe gets his hair to stand up.

“Normally I put Gatsby gel on it, people and my friends call me wolverine,” said Amarasimghe.

The Natural Look:

Girls should wear their natural hair, no matter the hair type.

It’s a healthy alternative to styling your hair, and is slowly becoming a go-to style.

“I put leave-in-conditioner on after I shower. I’m too lazy to do anything,” said Natalie Morton, 20, psychology major.

Even if you don’t go over the top, an interesting hairstyle will never go unnoticed.