Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Leticia Castro, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is the holiday to celebrate love.

But it does not have to be the holiday to spend millions.

Students can easily celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

For dinner: 

Cooking a meal for your loved one is  a great way to show you care.

Make sure it’s his or her favorite dish.

Cooking together also adds to the experience.

Get to know each other while cooking. Have a contest to see who is better, or help each other with the main dish.

Collaborative cooking at home  also helps save money.

“This Valentine’s day, I’m going to cook for my boyfriend. He loves steak tacos,” said Calie Deaton, 19, computer science major at De Anza College.

For gifts: 

Many students can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift. But it’s the thought that counts.

Prove your love with a heartfelt homemade gift.

Many people appreciate a romantic idea with a lot of thought more than material gifts.

Buy some rose petals (Red Rose Petals at Party City are $6.99) and cover the bed with them.

Arrange the petals into a heart, or spell out “I love you”. Either way it’s one of the cutest gifts.

“I think my girlfriend would love rose petals on her bed,” said Ben Martinez, 20, environmental studies major. He said the idea was unique.

With a bunch of balloons, write love letters on each balloon with reasons why you love your significant other.

Leave them around the house for a scavenger hunt.

For comedy: 

Buy a bag of nuts and add a letter reading, “I’m NUTS about you!”

Make a popcorn basket and write “You make my heart POP!”

Get a box of Hershey Kisses and write, “Hugs and KISSES for my love!”

For adventure: 

Make a homemade lunch and go out to a park and take a romantic stroll. One idea is to play on the swings. Enjoy each other’s company.

Take a ride to Santa Cruz. Pack a lunch, dessert and blankets for a romantic evening at the beach.

Stroll around San Francisco. Pier 39 is always a fun place to enjoy entertainment, or simply walk around Union Square.

Don’t forget to capture all the loving moments with pictures.

For the homebodies: 

Plan a game night with a few of each of your favorite games.

Make a bet on your games. Whoever loses has to cook dinner.

Have a movie night. Pick a romantic comedy, then eat popcorn and junk food.

Netflix it. Turn on Netflix and together pick a TV series to start.

Valentine’s Day is the day to express love. Pick any one of these tips, mix’n’match, or add you own special idea and make Feb. 14 an unforgetably romantic day.

Don’t forget the flowers.