“Napoleon Dynamite” celebrates 10th anniversary

Actor John Heder shares behind-the-scenes secrets


Hina Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Napoleon Dynamite aka Jon Heder captivated fans with the making of the film.

Napoleon Dynamite, the comedy movie, housed its 10th anniversary on Jan. 26 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Hundreds of fans gathered to view the anniversary screening of the millenial generation classic.

The event was hosted by San Franciso’s comedy Sketchfest.

Heder, who played Napolean Dynamite, attended the event and answered questions during the question and answer session after the movie.

Fans filed into the theatre with permanent grins etched to their faces.

“It was great; it was completely awesome,” said Ian Bennet, who attended the movie viewing with his family.

People of all ages arrived for the viewing, filling the entire theatre.

The audience hooted and clapped at comedic scenes.

The noise paralleled the success of the anniversary event.

Heder answered questions from the audience, and met with a few fans after the show.

He revealed background secrets involving many scenes in the movie during the Q&A session.

He said the movie was filmed at a local high school and the students were actual students, not actors.

The farmer with the funny accent was a legitimate farmer and he had shot a cow in front of a bus filled with children, just like in the movie.

One girl asked Heder how many takes it took him to film the dance scene.

He said his dance was all free style and before taking the role of Napoleon, he occasionally danced in front of the mirror after taking a shower.

“The movie director simply told me one day, ‘Your freestyle dance will be the climax of the movie,’ and that was that,” he said.

The crowd then went wild and begged him to dance, so he busted out a dance move.

Some fans arrived dressed as characters from the movie.

One man was dressed as      Napoleon’s brother, Kipp, holding a sign that read “La Fawdah.”

“It was pretty awesome,” Kipp Dynamite, in character said. “If I had anything else to do it would be taekwondo.”

Heder’s exuberant personality made the event worthwhile.

His demeanor entranced the audience to listen to every word he had to say about what for many was the movie of the decade.