Fashion do’s and don’ts for 2014

Leticia Castro, Staff Reporter

Want to amp up your style this year?

From clothes to accessories, here are a few tips to get you started.

DO – Buy jeans that fit.

Girls, as you go shopping for jeans, try on pairs of different sizes.

Pick the size that feels most comfortable and of course flatters your body.

Don’t let your sides hang out, but don’t hide your body either.

You know your body. All jean brands can have a different feeling, so remember to always try another size.

Guys, it is 2014. Learn to buy nice fitted pants.

Quit sagging. It’s gross and rude.

While you shop, look at different sizes the store has to offer.

Levi’s have many different fits, from 511 slim fit to 569 loose so try some on to impress anyone.

DON’T – Wear leggings for every occasion.

Girls, enough already.

Understandably, yoga pants and leggings are comfortable. But stop.

These are meant for working out or lounging.

Yes, printed legging are now trending but there is a difference between looking chic and looking lazy.

Leggings don’t need to be worn on a daily basis so don’t forget jeans or dresses work just as well.

DO – Have a go-to accessory.

Girls, always have one accessory that you can count on.

A purse caries everything you need and adds a trendy look to your outfit.

Jewelry adds a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.

Hats and beanies can also add fashionable statement to any outfit.

Guys, accessories are not only for ladies.

Add some class to your every day style.

A nice chain around your neck can catch attention.

Watches are also timeless, pun intended. It shows your style, a sense of maturity and looks sharp on any man.

DON’T – Wear shorts and Ugg boots.

Girls, are you hot or cold?

There is no reason to wear Daisy Dukes with Uggs.

Shorts are for summer, unless printed tights are worn underneath.

Ugg boots are for winter, never for summer.

DO – Add color and prints.

Girls, don’t be afraid to try new things.

Black, white and grey can get boring. Add a little zest to your wardrobe.

Bright colors like yellow, pink, blue and red are in.

Try a bright shirt with some jeans and boots to set a new trend for yourself.

Polka dots and striped prints are in. Try a polka dot button up tucked into jeans and some flats.

Guys, prints can be anywhere.

A striped pocket shirt, a plaid button up, a cardigan with diamonds on the chest, a camouflage vest or a shirt with a big print and words can all work.

Show your personality.

Prints will brighten your closet and get you the attention you want.

Follow these five tips and make 2014 your most stylish year.