Review: “Her” engages, exceeds expectations


Adrian Discipulo, Freelance Photographer

“Her” is worth watching for Spike Jonze’s eccentric approach to science fiction and romance, featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlet Johansson.

With the imminent divorce from his emotionally departed wife lingering, Theodore Twombly (Phoenix) finds himself alone amid a world intricately entwined with technology.

Theodore finds relief in talking to Samantha, the latest artificially intelligent operating system with Scarlet Johansson’s voice.

Samantha exhibits humanistic qualities that help Theodore converse and open up, contrasting all of the non-existent social interactions in his daily life.

Theodore’s interest in Samantha’s ability to learn an uncannily human-like presence develops into an intangible relationship between the two.

Jonze illustrates the future using sleek, but minimalistic aesthetics and costumes, akin to the taste of the other quirky director, Wes Anderson.

The cinematography contains mid-and close-up shots, bringing attention to Phoenix’s expressions.

The audience is drawn into his character as he develops from his introverted nature to his relationship with Samantha.

Though Samantha is only present as a voice throughout the movie, the initially development of their intangible relationship is relatable to those who have been in love.

I drew parallels to long distance relationships and the struggles with sharing love exclusively through spoken word in the physical absence of aloved one.

The idea of falling in love with an operating system immediately renders one of two reactions.

One is ridiculousness at the idea of spending $10 to see a two-hour movie about a man falling in love with his computer.

The other, as in my case, is curiosity and anticipation to see what a love story between a man and a computer entails because it is so different.

The film is tailored towards the millennial generation, whose familiarity with technology in today’s society is like a second language.

Spike Jonze offers a complex question that foreshadows the future with the ever-growing presence of technology.

He focuses on the change in relationships as people become isolated from each other and use technology as a means of communication.