App Review: Holiday helpers for the season

LiWei Shih, Staff Writer

The holiday season is a time for shopping, dining and traveling while people celebrate and share their joy with family and friends.

For this generation of Smartphone users, holiday apps suggest brilliant ideas for everyone to celebrate.

“I recommend two free shopping apps: Black Friday and TGI Black Friday,” said Katherine Wang, 21, computer science major.

“Going to stores in person requires a lot of time, while these shopping apps provide a quick way to choose what to buy.”

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather and camera apps help you capture the memorable moments in your life.

“My recommendation of camera apps are Instagram, BeFunky, Moldiv, and Action Camera,” said Ofelia Yang, 24, film major.

“Instagram is an app which is similar to Facebook. You document your life by updating photos and videos,” she said.

“While BeFunky has a good photo editing functions, and there are a lot of picture affects you can choose from. It also allows you to add creative typography onto the pictures.”

With family and friends visiting, restaurants are a good place to visit before the holiday feast is set.

“I use Yelp and LivingSocial as my food direction app,” said Jeff Lin, 23, industrial engineering major.

“They both provide abundant information about where we can get good food.”

Holiday season is also a travel season. People often journey great distances, sometimes as far as other countries, to have a relaxing vacation with family, friends, or lovers.

Skyscanner and Airbnb are two apps to help you with all your traveling.

The free app Skyscanner offers first-hand news about the latest deals on airline tickets from the nearest airports.

Airbnb provides users a quick way to know where they can find good lodging with reasonable prices.

Whatever you need this holiday season, there’s an app for it.