How To: Shop on Black Friday1 min read

Carl Nilvall, Staff Writer

Nov. 29 is approaching with rigorous shopping and personal bankruptcy.

It can easily be overwhelming, but can be fun if you remember:

A comprehensive shopping list can help avoid impulse purchases and insufficient funds.

Dressing appropriately is essential to be prepared for the extensive hours, long lines and cold weather.

Bring friends and family to the stores to help obtain deals and to stand in line.

Try comparing past deals to know you are getting a deal now.

Remember to confirm store’s return policies and regulations.

Introduced again this season are the various apps for your Smartphone to scan barcodes and compare with other prices in other stores.

Another popular suggestion many shoppers have chosen as their primary shopping source this Black Friday is online shopping.

The best way to really appreciate Black Friday is to visit stores during odd times and purchase from Internet to stay away from chaos. Just remember to save up and enjoy.