CAMPUS PROFILE: New Bookstore director to change policies2 min read


Mark Aquino

New bookstore director Kelly Swanson plans to make textbooks more affordable for students

Mark Aquino, Staff Writer

Kelly Swanson, the new De Anza bookstore manager, brings a new energy to campus with innovative policies.

After more than 20 years in the literature field, she arrived at De Anza in July coming from Cal State, Bakersfield.

“Out of all the 20 years I’ve worked in this field, De Anza has the most polite and most patient students I’ve come across,” Swanson said.

As a mother of two college students, she understands how certain things could be done.

Over the summer, she and the bookstore team planned a revamp of the bookstore entirely, including polices.

One of the new polices students should be on the out look for involves backpacks.

Students will no longer be required to turn over their backpacks in order to enter the bookstore, but security in the store will be increased to prevent any mishaps.

“Students are adults so there is no need for the previous backpack policy” says Swanson.

Rental books can now be bought if the student decides to keep them for future reference by paying the original balance minus the rental fee.

The bookstore will be more student-based by including suggestions made by student committees, which will meet monthly to discuss changes to make things easier for students. Prices in the bookstore will be lowered in order to accommodate students needs for expensive textbooks.

“These committees will be made up of students to make suggestions for students,” Swanson said.

Book-related changes were possible with the help of FairTrade Universities, an organization that supports education.

The price of clothing sold in the bookstore will be reduced as well. Since the bookstore’s convenience store does not have a name, students will be able to enter a contest to create a name and design.

Internship positions will be available to help students build their resumes.

“We want students to be able to hang out and relax at the bookstore,” Swanson said. The bookstore will add chairs and tables inside for students to be able to hang out or relax.