The campus’s private parts1 min read


Adam Conston

The Robert De Hart Library has group study rooms for students seeking privacy available for reservation.

Stacy Torres, Staff Writer

The beginning of a new quarter is not always easy on couples seeking romanceon campus.

Full parking lots, people running around, endless waitlists and long lines all create a chaotic environment.

But there are a variety of places on campus for students to distance themselves from the crowds and find privacy.

The Sunken Garden, located between the Flint Center and the library, offers tranquility in an outdoor setting.

Its notable water fountain centerpiece, “La Vita e Una Fontana,” and surrounding benches make the Garden a perfect place for a nap or even a romantic lunch date.

The Flint Center parking garage is positioned one smoking area away from the Sunken Garden.  Most students retreat to their cars for a rest or a secluded getaway from campus.

Simply reclining the seats and plugging in an Ipod can create a rendezvous.

But the place on campus that attracts most students for its privacy is the Robert De Hart Library.

According to the administrator of the De Anza College Confessions Facebook page, most students gravitated towards the library for intimate study rooms, that can be locked and contain windows with limited visibility.

The quiet group study rooms available for reservation provide the ultimate seclusion many students seek.

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